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About Us

We specialize in providing electronic payment processing services and solutions for companies throughout the U.S. With over a decade as the industry leader in business-to-business (B2B) payment processing, Sterling B2B Group continues to build its reputation by delivering a new level of service for our clients. Through our consultative approach, the B2B Group works closely with clients to learn about the intricacies of their organization and its specific needs. Businesses of all sizes and types benefit from our consultative approach and our deep knowledge and understanding of the B2B market. Consultative, nimble and responsive. That’s the Sterling advantage.

Sterling B2B Group is a business unit of Sterling Payment Technologies dedicated to the B2B market. As a technology company, Sterling continues to invest in payments technology, infrastructure and security that forms the backbone for our innovative B2B solutions.

B2B Payment Solutions

“We have been more than pleased with the level of service. This includes Sterling’s collaborative approach, setting of realistic savings targets, and the overall value your team delivered.” – Jeff Gurganus, K2M

Consultative Approach

No business is exactly like another. We dig deep to understand your business as well as you do in order to provide the support you need to succeed.

Sterling B2B Group is a partner who takes the time to learn your business, helps you untangle the confusion of payment processing, and develops solutions tailored to meet your business needs. In short, we do whatever it takes to help our clients succeed.

Security You Can Count On

As a trusted payments provider to thousands of businesses and government agencies, Sterling is committed to implementing the latest tools and technologies to protect the data of both our clients and their customers. Among the security practices Sterling employs are physical and logical security, network protection, point to point encryption and system wide monitoring. Sterling is a Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider (the highest level) which requires an annual independent security audit of our processes and systems.

Innovative Technology

“Having recently switched business systems, it was a no brainer to go to Sterling for their strong customer service. I recommend them to any business.” – Mark Blanchard, Tegra Equipment/Bobcat

Innovative Technology

Our B2B payment processing services optimize your payment processing environment while delivering the lowest overall cost of payment acceptance in the B2B payments market. Sterling B2B’s proprietary Interchange Management® technology sets a new standard in identifying savings in interchange rates.

In addition, our experience with ERP and accounting system integrations combined with management reporting designed for B2B business drives workflow efficiency for your business, producing substantial cost-savings across multiple areas.

Interchange Management®

Sterling B2B Group revolutionized the payment industry with its proprietary Interchange Management® Program. This technology identifies savings opportunities in the interchange rates the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) apply to each payment transaction.

This system ensures your company’s transactions qualify for the lowest rate possible based on card type and transaction parameters, potentially saving you 30-40 percent on processing costs.

Custom Integration

Sterling B2B Group offers the broadest range of integration services in the payment industry. We work closely with you to securely integrate real-time card acceptance into your existing workflows and corporate processes, including your ERP and accounting software.

Sterling B2B Group’s custom integration services are based on 10+ years of focus on B2B payments.. This experience results in integrations that work and that are delivered on time, allowing you to quickly benefit from the operational and processing cost savings.

Business Analytics

Sterling B2B Group understands the unique information needs of B2B businesses and we have built reporting to specifically address these needs. . Our customized reporting provides you with access to view and manage the complete lifecycle of your payment transactions, including detailed information related to the qualifications and processing cost of every transaction.

With Sterling B2B Group’s technology, we have the ability to create custom reports that identify on-going savings opportunities and trends in payment processing costs.

Your online reporting package also includes daily itemized transaction reporting, enhanced monthly statements, real-time alerts, and chargeback e-mail notifications.

Purchasing Card

The processing of payments in a B2B environment is significantly different than payments in a consumer environment. A primary reason for this difference is the use of Purchasing cards (P-cards) to make purchases. These are issued to businesses and government agencies to support business-to-business and business-to-government payments.

P-cards have more features, capabilities, and controls than standard consumer credit cards. P-cards provide detailed information to the payer about each transaction, including product details, quantity purchased, along with shipping and tracking data.

As a merchant operating in a B2B market, it is critical that you partner with a payment provider who fully understands Purchasing cars. Sterling B2B Group uses our years of experience in working with businesses like yours for the processing of Purchasing cards to maximize the efficiency of your payment processing while minimizing the cost.

Level 2 and 3

No matter what industry your business operates in, keeping a tight rein on your bottom line costs is vital. One of the major expenses for businesses is payment processing costs.

A major advantage of doing business with Sterling B2B Group is our Level 2 and 3 processing solutions, which ensure the best rate for every transaction.

The Sterling B2B Group’s team of experienced consultants work with you to find the best Level 2 and 3 processing solutions for your business with the lowest overall cost possible for all your transactions.

Merchant Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Transaction Amount (Total)
Tax Amount
Customer Code (30 Char)
Merchant Postal Code
Tax Identification
Merchant Minority Code
Merchant State Code
Ship from Postal Code, Destination Postal Code
Invoice Number, Order Number
Item Product Code, Commodity Code, Description
Item Quantity, Unit of Measure, Extended Amount
Freight Amount
Duty Amount
Sterling B2B Group's Interchange Management® program lowers your rate by capturing line-item details with each Level 2 and 3 transaction.

Card Not Present

Sterling B2B Group’s ability to assess your current processing methods and make recommendations for increased savings, security and efficiency is key to your success.

Finding cost-effective solutions that allow “Card Not Present” transactions to move quickly and safely can be a challenge. These transactions must be verified and processed in a timely manner with as much protection from fraud and theft as possible.

Sterling B2B Group’s processing solutions ensure that every transaction is processed quickly, securely and at the lowest cost possible.

Consultative Approach

“Sterling B2B Group has been a pleasure to work with. Their exceptional customer service, attention to detail and expertise in P–card processing has been a refreshing change.” – Nelson Delrosario, Presstek

Navigate the Complexity

To succeed in B2B today, you need a partner that understands your business, as well as the ever-changing financial services industry. It’s a challenging prospect to stay current with the Card Networks as they continually change processing requirements and fees. Failure to stay current can significantly increase your payment processing costs.

Sterling B2B Group is focused on understanding these rules and regulations, especially the rates associated with the different processing methods for Purchasing cards. We have the knowledge, experience and proven track record to untangle this complex process and deliver enterprise-class savings to your business.

Achieve Tangible Results

For more than a decade, Sterling B2B Group has had a simple mission: to provide the technology, services and support that drive business success for our clients. Approaching processing this way produces three to five times the cost savings over the typical solutions offered by our competitors. The bottom line? Partnering with Sterling B2B Group can save you up to 40 percent on your processing services.