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How does Sterling help my business?

We use our unique proprietary technology to ensure your transactions qualify for the lowest processing rates.

Will Sterling's technology work with my system?

Our technology is designed to work with any non-proprietary system.

No Long-Term Commitments. No Cancellation Fees—Ever.

Our customers stay with us because we save them money and provide amazing service. No one stays because they have to, or because they get penalized as they would with other processors.

Clients stay with Sterling

A well-designed payment system can create immediate savings, as well as freeing up internal resources. On average, our solutions save companies 30-40% on processing fees. Sterling B2B Group is focused 100% on Business Customers. That means we ask the right questions to make your onboarding process fast, easy and effective. For all these reasons and more, businesses stick with Sterling.

The Sterling 3-Step Quick-Start Process

The Sterling 3-Step Quick-Start Process

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